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Every so often the health of your teeth may be compromised and you may need to consider getting them fixed. While there are a lot of different options available, composite fillings are a great way to restore the look of your teeth and regain the strength that you need in your teeth.
What Are Tooth Colored Composite Fillings?
Although there are options for colored fillings like silver or gold, composite fillings are the same color as your teeth. They allow for a natural look to the mouth, with the same preventative care that comes from structural fillings.
The main reason that most people rely on composite fillings is because of the aesthetic appeal and color for the damaged tooth. Dr. Nguyen and Pro Dental Group can make your filling match the same color as your natural teeth, making it so that people don’t even notice that you have a filling inside of your mouth. This is an extremely advantageous option for those that are concerned with a natural look for their teeth.

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You may need to consider dental cosmetic fillings for different circumstances. Most commonly, the tiniest fracture can turn into a large crack or chip in your tooth, which needs to be seen to immediately. Anyone who has ever had cracks or chips in their teeth can attest to how much pain can come from this type of issue. But by getting a composite filling, you can reduce the sensitivity of the tooth and gums, while also strengthening the overall health of the tooth.
Another reason to consider composite fillings are if you are not pleased or happy with the idea of having a silver or gold colored tooth in your mouth. There is no denying or escaping needing a filling if your tooth is damaged. However, the choice is yours as to whether you will go with a silver filling or a composite filling. But for those that are weary of the idea of a bright and shiny colored tooth in their mouth, composite fillings provide a healthy and natural alternative.

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When a tooth has a crack, chip or other structural damage to it, the overall strength of the tooth can be compromised. That means that every time you eat a piece of food or stick something in your mouth, you run the risk of more serious damage with each time you close your mouth or clinch your teeth. However, a composite filling benefits you by going deep into those cracks and filing the areas that have been weakened due to natural happenings. This means that you can go about normal activities, without having to worry about further damage to your teeth.
Not only do composite fillings give your teeth more stability in their structure, but they also provide you with a beautiful looking smile as well. While other types of fillings can be obvious to the naked eye and seen during general conversation, most people hardly even notice composite fillings. This means that people who have composite fillings in their mouths can go on with normal conversations with people, without having to worry or feel self-conscious about what the other person is thinking about their oral hygiene.

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Dr. Keith Nguyen and his team offer years of experience in dental practices. Part of his expertise involves working with composite fillings in his patients. Keep in mind that a composite filling isn’t just about strengthening your chipped or broken tooth. It’s also about keeping a beautiful looking smile without having an obtrusive shiny filling inside of your teeth. With composite fillings, you will be able to maintain a natural looking smile without having to fear others being distracted when they look at you. And because Dr. Nguyen takes extreme diligence and care with each and every one of his patients, you can rest assured knowing that you will end up with a smile that you are happy with, and that is also safe and secure with a necessary filling.

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