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In some unfortunate circumstances, an individual may end up losing one or more teeth in their mouth. This can leave a big gap in between your other teeth, which can lower your self esteem and make you afraid to show off your smile. However, with a porcelain fixed bridge, you can replace the teeth that are lost and restore your smile back to the original appearance.
What Are Porcelain Fixed Bridges?
Along with two crowns to go on the teeth on each of the other sides, a bridge is used to implant another tooth in your mouth to take the place of a gap that is caused by a missing tooth. In order to be fully implanted, bridges will be anchored to the surrounding teeth, with a false tooth that is placed in the middle. While these false teeth can be made from a variety of different materials, one of the best options to consider is porcelain. This is because porcelain offers a natural looking color that many people may not even notice as being a fake tooth. Furthermore, porcelain is made of high quality and long-lasting material that will be sure to withstand a variety of different conditions, meaning you can enjoy your new smile for years to come.
Another benefit to porcelain is that it is very flexible and can be molded fit in perfectly with your missing teeth. Dr. Keith Nguyen has worked on many different porcelain bridges in his experience as a dentist and he will use his expertise in order to assure that you are completely satisfied with your new bridge. Not only does he aim to assure that others won’t notice that you have a fake tooth in place, but you might even forget it’s there.

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Individuals who have lost a tooth, either due to natural or unnatural situations, can rely on a porcelain bridge to fix their smile. Whether you are a young adult who has lost a tooth due to poor oral hygiene, or if you are living your later years in life and you lose your teeth due to old age, having bridge work done will allow you to do a variety of different tasks as if you never skipped a beat. Having bridge work can help you regain the confidence that you may have lost from losing a tooth.

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Getting a porcelain fixed bridge to take the place of a lost tooth can have a variety of different benefits. Obviously losing a tooth, or even multiple teeth, can be damaging on your self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. However, by getting a porcelain fixed bridge, you can restore your smile and once again be confident with each time you show your pearly whites.
Having missing teeth can also make your face look disproportionate or completely misaligned. Unfortunately, in some cases it can also display to people that you may not put forth the most diligent efforts in regards to your oral hygiene. However, a new bridge can restructure the shape of your face to make it look more natural, by alleviating jagged or otherwise missing teeth in your mouth.
Another issue that comes with missing teeth can be difficulty when it comes to speaking or properly chewing. However, adding teeth back to your mouth and filling the gaps that you have will allow you to once again eat normally and also speak in a more natural way.
Lastly, if you do not have all of them in place, you run the risk of your remaining teeth becoming misaligned due to improper support from surrounding teeth. But by adding bridgework to your mouth, you can provide the proper support that you need in order to avoid ruining other teeth.
What Should You Expect During The Dental Bridge Process?
Getting bridgework has changed tremendously due to the advancement of technology and science. While getting bridges will still require surgery to take place in your mouth, the after effects are much less than what they would’ve been just a decade or so ago.
The first appointment with your dentist will be used to make impressions of your teeth in order to make the perfect replacement tooth for your bridge. During this visit you will also get a temporary bridge in order to keep your teeth in position. Once you come back for your second visit, the dentist will remove your temporary bridge and begin the process of cementing your bridge into place. In order to do this, they may need to drill additional support and anchors into both sides of the fake tooth. If you have an issue with drilling or oral procedures, know that Pro Dental Group works diligently in order to assure that you are safe and comfortable during your procedures. We offer comfortable dental massage chairs and other benefits that will make this process much easier for you. And once everything is completed, you’ll have a brand new smile that you’ll be sure to love.

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Dr. Nguyen specializes in a variety of different dental procedures. Among his areas of expertise are porcelain dental bridges. Not only does he have plenty of experience, but the atmosphere at Pro Dental Group is one that will allow you to relax and be comfortable during your dental procedure. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll have a beautiful smile and supportive bridge, with the help of Dr. Nguyen at Pro Dental Group.

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