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Hearing that you have to get a root canal can be alarming news at first. However, while root canals may have once been a time consuming and difficult procedure to have done, dental technology has made this process much easier to have completed. And for any unnerving feelings that you continue to have, keep in mind that having a root canal will help care for and save your infected or otherwise damaged teeth. With it being such a common procedure among dental offices, the rate of success is very high and it can be a very transforming procedure.
Below each of your teeth is a passageway among the roots that lead to your gums and the nerves that are inside of them. Inside of each of those roots are pulp, which contain blood vessels and connective tissue. These roots help keep your teeth healthy and safe once your adult teeth completely mature.
When the pulp and roots or your teeth are damaged or infected, your teeth are at risk of having further issues. Many of these issues can arise due to tooth decay, buildup of debris and other particles that last in your teeth. Individuals who do not maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing increase the risk of this potential situation occurring around their gums, which can seep into the roots of their teeth.
When this happens, the recommended therapy that dentists will suggest will be a root canal. A root canal begins with your dentist numbing the area around your tooth in order to make it more comfortable for you while they perform the procedure. Once the numbing sets in, your dentist will then drill a small hole into the top of your tooth in order to gain access to the root. After this has occurred, the dentist will use tools to remove the infected root from your gums.
In order for your dentist to get a better idea of how large the infected pulp is and how much treatment is necessary, you will likely need to get an x-ray for your teeth. Because of this, the process of getting a root canal can often take at least a few different trips to the dentist office.
Dr. Keith Nguyen and Pro Dental Group have years of experience working on patients who need root canal therapy. Dr. Nguyen and his trained staff understand that getting a root canal is typically not the first thing that people put at the top of the list for things they enjoy doing. Because of this, Pro Dental Group provides a comfortable and relaxing experience during your root canal therapy treatment.

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If you are experiencing pain in your teeth, it is recommended that you visit your dentist to get further testing to see what the cause of the issues could be. Granted, not all pain immediately means that you will need to get a root canal. However, your doctor can perform a variety of tests to determine if the issues you are experiencing are due to infected pulp in the roots of your teeth. If this is the case, the recommended course of action is going to be getting root canal therapy.
You are likely to lower the chances of needing a root canal if you take part in regular and daily oral hygiene efforts such as brushing your teeth and flossing. That being said, some situations requiring root canals do appear even in the mouths of the most diligent patients. Therefore, if you think that you may need a root canal, you should contact your dentist immediately and set up an appointment to get an x-ray for future examination.

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The pain that can come from an infected root is almost unbearable for most people. Not only will your teeth hurt, but your gums and your entire mouth will notice the presence of the infection. And in the event that you do not get your root canal taken care of quickly, there is a likelihood that the infection will spread into other areas of your gums and teeth. What might have just been a small problem can quickly turn into a very threatening issue. However, getting a root canal can help you avoid the infection from spreading to other teeth.
Along with preventing infection and alleviating pain, your dentist can use the time during root canal therapy to examine other teeth surrounding the area. In the event that they see other infected teeth, it may be time to remove those pulps as well. Although the initial treatment may be more than you had originally bargained for, preventative actions will help you avoid dental problems in the future.

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You can rely on Dr. Nguyen and Pro Dental Group for your root canal therapy and all of your other dental services. The best way to prevent needing a root canal is to see a dentist and begin working towards better oral health. However, if you have already sustained damage to the nerves that need to be removed, Dr. Nguyen can make the entire process much easier. With over a decade of experience in California, Dr. Nguyen takes pride in helping families have safe, healthy and beautiful smiles.

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