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Whenever the health or structure of a tooth is damaged, it is important that you get it fixed in order to assure that further damage does not take place. At Pro Dental Group, we offer a variety of different options in order to rebuild the structure of your tooth to ensure that you will not sustain further damage in the future. One of these options includes porcelain crowns that will match the existing color of your natural teeth. These crowns make for beautiful coverings in your mouth, without anyone even noticing that it’s not your real tooth.
What Is A Porcelain Crown?
A porcelain crown is a cap that goes on top of the tooth in order to restore it to it’s natural shape and size, while also adding to it’s overall strength as well. If you have a chipped tooth, have lost part of the tooth, or are having other outstanding issues with your teeth, then you may be in need of getting a dental crown.
Another reason that people consider getting dental crowns is to protect their gums and present a more visibly appealing smile. After all, chipped or cracked teeth can often leave people with a smile that they are embarrassed by, which makes them afraid to smile or show off their teeth. Without protection, your gums can easily deteriorate, which can lead to even more issues for the existing teeth in your mouth.
Not only does a porcelain crown protect your teeth, but it also helps your smile look more beautiful in the process. Most people don’t even notice that porcelain crowns are in your mouth, making for a natural smile that won’t embarrass you or compromise your self-esteem.

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There are a variety of different circumstances when you may want to consider getting porcelain crowns.
In some cases, porcelain crowns will help you protect weak teeth that are existing in your mouth. Your teeth may weaken due to a variety of reasons, ranging from general chips and cracks to typical tooth decay after years of improper oral hygiene. In the event that you have a cracked tooth that is still in your mouth but coming loose, a porcelain crown can help keep the tooth in place and add structure to keep it there.
If you already have a broken tooth and you have not had it seen to in many years, a porcelain crown can help restore that tooth. Furthermore, for individuals that have gaps in their teeth or large fillings that don’t have much natural tooth surface left, a cap can add to the structural surface and support the existing tooth.
There are also many other dental procedures that you may have had done in the past that a porcelain crown can help you fix. For example, if you have a dental bridge in your mouth, a porcelain crown can help keep it in place. Or if you already have a dental implant, a crown can cover it to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and help keep it secure.
Lastly, individuals who are simply not pleased with the look of their natural teeth can also consider porcelain crowns. For those that have misshapen or discolored teeth, crowns can make them look more even and also make them appear physically whiter. These types of cosmetic modifications add to the benefits of why porcelain crowns are such a popular option by patients who trust Pro Dental Group.
Keep in mind that children can also get porcelain crowns as well. For children, teeth are very sensitive and can be damaged more easily. However, some children don’t have the proper maintenance that supports healthy and lasting oral hygiene. Porcelain crowns can help protect the teeth of children who may be at risk of tooth decay, or those that have structural damage already in place.
No matter your age or what your teeth look like, Dr. Nguyen can help you determine whether or not porcelain crowns are the best option for you.

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Even individuals who take the utmost care of their teeth have the potential of damaging their teeth through unforeseen circumstances. After all, it only takes biting down on one kernel of popcorn or piece of hard candy to chip or crack a tooth. In the event that this happens, you are going to need to fix your teeth. Those who do not get the proper repairs run the risk of having lasting problems that could get larger in time.
When your teeth are damaged but they are not fixed with a crown, then there is the possibility of you chipping or cracking them even more. However, a porcelain crown can help you avoid this by adding structure and protection to your tooth.
The benefits of porcelain crowns don’t just stop at providing your teeth protection. Instead, they also offer a visibly and aesthetically pleasing appearance that other crowns don’t. While some patients may opt for metal or steel caps, those can often be noticeable to others during conversations or when you smile. However, porcelain crowns look just like your natural teeth and people will likely hardly even notice they are there.

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You should trust Pro Dental Group and Dr. Nguyen when it comes to getting porcelain crowns. After all, your smile and teeth are something that leave a lasting impression on people long after you first meet them. And in order to assure that they remember you for the smile you have, rather than the chipped or cracked teeth, trust in Dr. Nguyen to cap your teeth with porcelain crowns.

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